Where We Serve

Ingomar Volunteer Fire Company works closely with the two other volunteer fire companies in McCandless: Highland Volunteer Fireman’s Association and Peebles District Volunteer Fire Company. The primary service area for all three volunteer fire companies encompasses the entire Town of McCandless; so depending on the nature of an emergency, one, two, or all three fire companies may be dispatched to respond.


Our Fire District

The Ingomar fire district comprises only the northwestern area of the town. Generally, the borders of our fire district are the Pine Township line to to the north and Franklin Park Borough line to the west. To the south, Sequoia Street, Almar Drive and Sunset Road, Crestmont Road, and Center Oak Drive end our district, and Kummer Road serves as the border to the east.


What’s the Difference Between the Two?

What’s the difference between our fire district and our primary service area? Our fire district is essentially our “home base.” If there’s an incident which requires the response of only one fire department (perhaps checking a carbon monoxide detector activation in a residence, extinguishing a mulch fire, or cleaning up fuel and other fluids at the scene of an accident), then only Ingomar VFC will be dispatched. In addition, we focus our community activities and public education efforts on residents within our fire district, and likewise, Highland and Peebles focus on their fire districts.

On the other hand, our primary service area (which includes our fire district), is the larger area for which we are routinely dispatched on an initial alarm. Our mission is to serve the Town of McCandless, not just Ingomar, so we routinely respond into Highland’s and Peebles’ fire districts to assist those fire departments with fire alarm activations, structure fires, and other emergencies that require the response of more than one fire department.


What if I Live in Wexford?

Residents often ask us, “I live in Wexford, so why isn’t Wexford VFD my fire department?” The answer is that the area designated as “Wexford” by the U.S. Postal Service is not the same as the primary service area of the Wexford VFD. Wexford VFD serves Pine Township. So if you live in Wexford and are a resident of the Town of McCandless, you’re in the Ingomar fire district.

You can explore the map to the left to learn more about the three fire districts in McCandless.