Rescue 2

Rescue 2 is a 2000 Ford F-350 Super Duty with utility body. Housed at the North Ingomar Substation, it is perfect for several roles:

Much like Rescue 1, this light rescue carries specialized cutting and spreading hydraulic tools (you probably know them as the “Jaws of Life”), as well as a portable hydraulic pump. This allows for our rescue technicians to conduct remote rescue operations away from the rescue truck itself. It also holds power tools, stabilization equipment, and personal immobilization / extrication equipment. Rescue 2 also carries materials to absorb hazardous fluids, just like Rescue 1.

But Rescue 2’s smaller size makes it perfect to travel down dirt roads or long driveways to get as close to the patient as possible. And its four wheel drive capability is perfect for travel during snowy conditions and in certain off-road locations where larger, heavier trucks would have no access.