Rescue 1

Rescue 1, a 1994 Seagrave heavy rescue, is equipped to play a diverse set of roles at any emergency scene. Its primary function is to serve as a rescue truck, bringing specialized cutting and spreading hydraulic tools (you probably know them as the “Jaws of Life”) with on-board hydraulic pump, air tools, power tools, hand tools, stabilization equipment, and personal immobilization / extrication equipment to the scene of a crash or any emergency involving a physical rescue.

Additionally, Rescue 1 carries an air “cascade” system and pump, so it refills empty SCBAs (SCBA stands for “self-contained breathing apparatus”) at the scenes of structure fires and other incidents during which firefighters cannot breathe the air around them.

Next, Rescue 1 carries several different types of gas metering equipment, so it responds to incidents involving carbon monoxide, natural gas, and unknown / strange odors. And Rescue 1 carries equipment to contain hazardous fluids, so it responds to incidents involving chemical spills or fluids leaking from vehicles.

Finally, Rescue 1 is set up as a mobile communications center. During natural disasters or other large-scale emergencies, Rescue 1 can respond anywhere in the Town of McCandless to serve as a centralized base from which police, fire, and EMS can coordinate operations.