Ingomar’s Quint is an extremely versatile aerial apparatus. This 2004 Sutphen SP-70 mid-mount aerial platform has a 70-foot aerial ladder with a platform at the tip (75-foot overall height). It is garaged at the North Ingomar Substation, and is the first-out piece responding to all incidents involving fire or the risk of fire. The Quint’s platform provides a safe, stable base from which firefighters can work when conducting operations on a roof or on upper floors of a building. It also allows an entire crew to quickly reach heights without requiring them to climb a ladder; it also allows for easier rescue of a structure’s occupants without requiring those occupants to descend a ladder after extrication.

The smaller design of the Quint allows for rapid deployment in tight spaces where a full-size ladder truck would not fit. The Quint is perfect for operations in the constricted parking lots of the high-rise commercial buildings on the Wexford flats, and is the ideal aerial apparatus for the narrow streets of the expanding townhome and condominium developments within our fire district.


What Is a Quint?

A “quint” is a piece of fire apparatus that has five major capabilities:

  1. Water pump
  2. Water storage tank
  3. Hose for fire attack
  4. Apparatus-mounted aerial device
  5. Ground ladders

These five functions added with the small operational footprint make the Quint one of the most powerful pieces of fire apparatus in the area!