North Ingomar Substation

The North Ingomar Station (referred to as the Substation) is located on the north-bound side of Perry Highway at the top of Pine Creek Hill. The Substation was constructed in 1981 to provide rapid fire response to the growing commercial center of the “Wexford Flats” and the boom of residential neighborhoods in the Grubbs, Reichold, Rinaman, and Richard Roads corridors.

The Substation is the home of the Quint aerial and Rescue 2.

It is important to note that the Main Station and Substation are part of the same fire department; firefighters from each station train together every week, and respond concurrently to all incidents for which Ingomar is alerted.

While the Substation has a smaller footprint than the Main Station, it adequately serves our members who live in the northern end of the Ingomar fire district. It currently has a firefighters’ lounge for our members to relax, watch some TV, and even grab a bite to eat when not on fire calls. In addition, the Substation has exercise equipment to help our firefighters stay in shape.

Until the Northwest Regional 9-1-1 center merged with the Allegheny County 9-1-1 center, the Substation also served as a back-up emergency dispatch center, ready for operation at a moment’s notice. When Northwest closed in 2005, the back-up center was dismantled, and the fire company converted the space into administrative offices for fire department officials.

We’re often asked by McCandless residents who live within the Wexford postal code, “I thought I live in Wexford . . . why isn’t Wexford VFD my fire department?” If you’ve ever wondered this as well, you can learn more here about the areas we serve.