Engine 2

Engine 2 is a 1989 Hahn attack pumper and served as a first-out piece responding to all incidents involving fire or the risk of fire for over twenty years. It was initially housed at our North Ingomar Substation, and then moved to the Main Station in 2004. Engine 2 boasts a 1500-gallon per minute single-stage pump, 750-gallon water tank, and portable master stream, making it a very powerful and versatile piece when used for initial fire attack.

Engine 2 incorporates a feature found on all of Ingomar’s pumpers—front suction, or a front intake above the front bumper to facilitate quick, easy connections to fire hydrants. In addition, Engine 2 carries 1,200 feet of large-diameter supply hose (used to bring water from a hydrant down the street right to the fire scene), three pre-connected 200-foot hand lines to reach the innermost rooms in the larger homes and businesses within our district, a 100-foot trash line on the front bumper which can be rapidly deployed for dumpster fires, vehicle fires, and mulch fires, and several different types of portable fire extinguishers for quick knock-down of smaller fires.

Engine 2 also holds an array of ladders so our fire crews can quickly access roofs, higher windows, and attic spaces before an aerial truck arrives. Also kept on the pumper is a thermal imaging camera, which can help firefighters see victims in a smoke-filled environment or find the seat of a fire through dense smoke or within walls or other enclosed areas. The thermal imaging camera has become a staple tool for our crews because it helps us do our job faster while minimizing property damage. It can even help our firefighters locate a lost or missing person when conducting a large-area search in the middle of the night.

While Engine 2 is now only being utilized as a reserve piece, remains fully-equipped and well-maintained at all times, ready to be called into action at a moment’s notice!