Displaying Your Home’s Address

You’ve made the call to 9-1-1 and you’re waiting for help to arrive. But in a situation like this, when every second counts, how do the emergency responders know which home on the street is yours? The answer is simple. In the Town of McCandless, you must prominently display your home’s street address. Here are the details:

The Town of McCandless requires that homeowners of all buildings or properties within the town to which street numbers have been assigned prominently display these numbers. Each building must have a street (address) number displayed upon the building itself, except where buildings are located a distance greater than 50 feet from the roadway, or if obstructions such as trees or man-made obstacles obscure the view of the address, then the street numbers must be posted within 20 feet of the roadway.

Addresses displayed on a house or residence must be within the proximity of the door and must be clearly visible when affixed to the building. If for any reason a street number is not readily identifiable by posted signage or because of multiple buildings with different street numbers, then the address should be both affixed to the building and posted by the road. Similarly, if a single building has multiple street or apartment numbers—such as a professional building, commercial building, or apartment building—then a building directory must be posted at the main entrance of the building.

Street numbers must not be concealed, destroyed, defaced, or removed; and if property owners fail to comply with this ordinance, the Town may issue a written warning to do so. If the warning goes unheeded, the Town may act to provide such signage as required—the cost of which may be borne by the property owner.

For more information about this ordinance, contact the Town of McCandless.